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Based out of the Midwest, Ashley Maurer Consulting takes a unique approach to two facets that are critical for any industry—branding & business development. Ashley Maurer Consulting originated and grew into this hybrid because of the compiled experience she has in branding, sales, and management consulting. With expertise in guiding clients through forward facing opportunities as well as the processes found on backend of a company, Ashley represents clients from coast to coast. She specializes in companies that are about to break the 50+ employee threshold and need to identify corporate processes as well as start-ups that are still in the funding stages. Whether your business is in need of a refresh or an incubator style approach, Ashley Maurer Consulting will help you manifest these ideas into reality. She brings extensive experience and professionalism into every call and meeting, creating a customized plan that covers all your needs.

Growing up in an era before the .com boom, Ashley understands the hesitation that companies may feel when deciding to invest in initiatives that can’t be directly linked to sales. However, as we’ve grown and learned in the workforce, we’ve seen what a powerful effect solid marketing has and how a company can lose traction if the creative key isn’t given to the right individual.

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Areas of Expertise

Business strategy

In a world where attention span is next to none, your business needs to catch a customer and offer said customer solutions to a need that they were unaware of.

management Consulting

Beginning from the Executive level and going all the way down to your warehouse, I am well versed in helping companies maximize their current workforce.

branding strategy and execution

A company’s messaging is only as powerful as its brand. That’s why creating a cohesive aesthetic from design to language is imperative.

copywriting, editing, and everything written

Whether it’s helping bloggers write or edit their articles or 400 page manuscripts that are about to go off to press, the turnaround time and attention to detail is better than your average agency.

ghostwriting (anything)

From technical manuals to holistic health articles, there is not one genre of writing that’s unfamiliar to Ashley Maurer Consulting.

social media strategy and content

Maximize your ad spend by targeting the correct marketplaces with creatives and content that actually speak and resonate with them.


Other people’s ideas of us are dependent largely on what they’ve hoped for.
— Zelda Fitzgerald