digital brand management + marketing consultant


Agile and data driven support for companies, startups, and influencers.

Areas of Expertise


Business Strategy

In a world where attention span is next to none, your business needs to catch a customer and offer them solutions to a need that they were unaware of. I take pride in creatively determining and organizing company goals that quantitatively “move the needle.” I help my clients determine and organize company goals, create a timeline of deliverables that will encourage growth, and assist in various to-dos that are within my skill set umbrella.

management consulting

Beginning from the Executive level and going all the way down to your warehouse, I am well versed in helping companies maximize their current workforce. Not everyone is a natural born manager but with the correct processes in place it becomes a very simple rinse and repeat method that, in turn, accelerates the growth and productivity of a company.

Branding strategy and execution

A company’s messaging is only as powerful as its brand. That’s why creating a cohesive aesthetic from design to language is imperative. Whether it’s a new logo, tone and messaging guidelines, or streamlining content from a website to template emails—I work with my clients every step of the way. It’s a cost effective enhancement that elevates your brand into a more competitive space.

copywriting, editing, and everything written

Whether it’s helping bloggers write their posts or editing a 200 page manuscript about to head off to press, the turnaround time and attention to detail I provide is better than your average agency.

GhostWriting (anything)

Ghostwriting is a powerful technique that is utilized by every industry because you can never invest too much in the content that’s directly associated with you. One appealing aspect to this service is that it can be as simple as an investor’s newsletter to an entire blog—the range is endless. From technical manuals to holistic health articles, there is not one genre of writing that’s unfamiliar to Ashley Maurer Consulting.

social media content

Creating compelling content that will actually resonate with your audience is the first step to a successful social media presence. The second is consistency and building a rapport with your followers. Clients quickly find that it becomes a hassle scheduling out posts and coming up with fresh content every week. Due to this, I now offer content calendar and engagement packages.